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Become of Host

Welcome to Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365

Watch Season 1 – See Season 1 from the Beginning Mondays at 8 PM Eastern

*Season 2 Coming This Fall September

Are you passionate about a lifestyle social, political or cultural topic?

Let’s Buy Black 365 is giving you 2 ways to be the voice for the people. Be a part of the movement to change the narrative. Take the host training course to begin your career on the Let’s Buy Black 365 Positive Black Media Team team.

What if you could get your $3000 professional career advancement WITHOUT the price tag.

NEW Let’s Buy Black 365 is now offering discounted professional development training and job placement

LetsBuyBlack365 is sponsoring/subsidizing 90% of 2 courses training Black Professionals.

Grow into your potential, register now, and share with others.


Create or build your deeply rooted cultural brand with our audience of 50,000+ visitors and subscribers and affiliates with over 3 million followers. Our audience is primed for all things Black and positive. Our producers and directors are here to help you paint your message into this nation-building media platform.


  1. National exposure as a branded host
  2. Special recurring placement on the show
  3. Access to special guest interviews
  4. Host training
  5. Segment production support
  6. Professional videography
  7. Professional editing and post-production
  8. Feature branding
  9. Live call-in audience
  10. A primed audience
  11. Sales-closing strategies with native advertising
  12. Social engagement tie-ins with native advertising

1. Apply and pass the alignment clearance test

2. Register for and complete the 8-hour host or sales training

3.  Receive your certificate of completion

4. Get hired here and start getting paid in your new career

1. Select a theme for your recurring segment

2. Submit your info kit: bio (175 words); show description (250 words);

3. Request an agreement for your preferred category

Register Here for Host Training

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