How to Crush Your Connect TV Interview

Not Your Typical Kind of Interview

Here are the 3 things you need to have an Blacktastic interview!


Format: One hour segment show

Comprised of: 5-10 minute segments and demos

Segment parameters: positive and fun, consumer report, performance, or lifestyle interactive

Target audience: Black amerika

Segment Qualifier: should resonate with everyone ex health and wellness, family, self improvement or concepts that connect with a large base of viewers example teens, women, men, students, Baby Boomers, professionals, music lovers, etc

Hosted by: A variety of recurring host journalists, correspondents, and content contributors

Filming: Shot in-studio, on location at Black-owned venues around the world

Contributors: writers, actors, extras, producers, directors, Black owned businesses, organization and institutions

Airing: Supportive Black-owned networks

Top 5 Ways Guests Bomb Interviews

Ever watch a horrible interview somewhere and think “wow, do they know how much of a train wreck this is?” But they probably didn’t plan to bomb, right? So where did they go wrong and how can recognizing the failures help you have stellar interviews?


  1. Wait till the day of or day before to watch and read the prep guides
  2. Don’t watch previous episodes to see how to connect with the audience
  3. Spend too much time talking about the insignificant and don’t leave time for the most important content.
  4. Treat every interview the same and using the same content over and over again. Ie they forget that a successful interview is one where audience members are moved and inspired to take action.
  5. Not being yourself. People want to connect to people not personalities. Overacting, being disingenuous, freezing like a deer in headlights all come off as FAKE, dishonest, unreal.

The Secret to Connecting with the Audience

Are you an Example of Black Excellence?

Are you a outstanding professional, an impactful activist, a subject matter expert? Do you have an amazing talent or vision that you want to Connect to our audience?

Apply to be a guest on the show. If our producers think you are a good fit, you could be sharing your story with an national and international audience. There are still pop up opportunities for Season 1 and we’re already filming Season 2 so get ready to Connect.

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