Meet the Hosts

Meet the Hosts

Meet the Hosts: Nataki

Profession: Business Management Consultant

“Startups and existing business owners come to me with two things: an idea and the investment to realize it. I take those two things and turn them into a fully functional, operational, and profitable six and seven-figure income enterprises.”
Most interesting facts:
  • My brother and I have the same birthday but we are not twins. We were born 2 years apart.
  • I was raised vegan and I have never tasted meat in my life and I’ve never wanted to.
  • In college I launched a vegan catering company out of my college dorm room. I had hot plates, mixers, blenders, even a convection oven. I hired staff. I sold meals to students, professors, fraternities and sororities, nearby colleges, surrounding neighborhood families etc. That venture turned a profit that financed my business education and financed the launch of my consulting business.
Hobbies: Favorite hobbies: cooking, reading books from black revolutionary scholars, buying Black 365 days a year, and I love salsa, bachata belly dance and other dancing almost more than life itself but all that comes secondary to my love for our people. 
Your Host Nataki

Meet the Hosts: Taalib Saber

Profession: Civil Rights & Defense Attorney
Most interesting facts:
  • Was in a Ghanaian hip hop music video and South African fashion magazine
  • Attended 2 HBCU’s Morgan State undergrad and North Carolina Central for Law School
  • Filmed a documentary at age 24 about the intersection between hip hop and activism called Afro Hop
  • Hobbies: Being unapologetically Pan-African, documentary film-making, reading, writing poetry, dancing, traveling, bowling, football, baseball, learning to play instruments.

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