Welcome to Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365

Watch Season 1 – See Season 1 from the Beginning Mondays at 8 PM Eastern:

 Season 2 Coming This Fall September

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Welcome to Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365

 You’ve been starved for positive Black media content for too long. Now, the wait is over. Watch Connect by Let’s Buy Black 365. Your new favorite Black culture & lifestyle show features segments of the best in Black music, culture, education, revolutionary thought, food, health, activism, business, entertainment, and everything. We’re staking the claim that “Black Media is Black Power” and we are Blacking it Out! Mondays 8:00 PM ET.

In Season 1, don’t miss any of the  surprise guests, cameos, giveaways, trips, and more. This programming is brought to you by the Positive Black Media Project team of the Let’s Buy Black 365 movement. Tune in every Monday at 8:PM Eastern.

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Popular Episodes: 

Connect S1 E14 Black Model Cities and Shaking up Government from the Inside Out – Mon April 9, 2018 at 8 PM ET

Watch special appearances by Danny Glover, Mayor Ras Baraka, Nataki Kambon, Dr. Ron Daniels of IBW21 and more around Newark as a Model City. See Michael V. Roberts, Willie Barney of Empower Omaha and more talking real solutions and how you benefit with the Marshall Plan. Is Wanda Real? Mayor Ras Baraka, Dr. Ron Daniels, Connect TV S1 E14 Promo Black Model Cities and Shaking up government from the Inside Out

Popular Episodes:  Deconstructing Black Panther symbolism and subliminally negative messages.

Black Panther Movie Deconstructed from a Woke and Black Revolutionary Perspective

We’ll deconstruct the movie and you’ll discover how we can use this as a tool for Black economic empowerment.

Watch Live  Right here on Connect

Mon Feb 19 at 8 PM Eastern

Why Everyone is Excited to Connect

Everything you ever wanted in a lifestyle show. Plus, interactive cooking demos, news, cultural segments, interviews with our best and brightest. Not to mention, it’s performances from hot new artists creating positive content, features on quality Black-owned businesses and more…
Connect is Let’s Buy Black 365’s new breakout show created by the Positive Black Media Team.

Season 1 is here!

It’s a trendy lifestyle feature interactive segment show where the more you engage the more you get great stuff. Best of all it’s great for the whole fam!

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Did you see the Black Star News feature article on Connect?


Let’s Buy Black 365 Answers the Demand for Quality African American Programming


January 15, 2018 – (Washington, DC) – Violent thugs, lazy criminals, ignorant gang-bangers, underachievers, ratchet, and lazy hood rats — these are the horrible images that creep into the homes of Black people year after year through a never-ending onslaught of print, visual and audio media and social media. Movies, music, television shows, news reports, video games, and even social media has played a defining role in the global perception of Black people. As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., many will use this day to reflect on the unwavering perseverance for Black self-determination.

The negative propaganda has left millions of Black people disenchanted with the mainstream media depictions. Millions are starved for quality programming featuring stories that reflect the amazing Black men, women, and children doing spectacular things every day. Stories of successful Black business owners, professionals, community leaders and everyday heroes rarely see the light of day. Fortunately, one group is stepping up to answer the demand for quality African American Programming. Connect TV by Let’s Buy Black 365 launched its all-new breakout series and is crushing Black stereotypes in the process.

Let’s Buy Black 365 is a Black economic empowerment movement made up… CLICK HERE TO READ AND LIKE THE FULL ARTICLE ON THE BLACK STAR NEWS WEBSITE

Episode 1 Pilot

Official Trailer: Finally Real Black TV

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